I research and design products that create measurable value for your business.

For over twenty-five years, James has been in San Francisco crafting scalable products for clients. Trained in design, sales, and management, he combines all three disciplines in his endeavors. James focuses on onboarding, conversion, and engagement. James is a father to a teenage daughter and also mentors UX designers where he helps them grow their career and tackle projects with design thinking and leadership. This is through, Gen D, the Andreessen Horowitz mentorship program.



AutoFi - Director of User Experience

March 2020 - Current   /  San Francisco, CA

  • Redesign finance platform after in-depth dealership research
  • Create sales demo platform and website to increase sales opportunities
  • Boost profits for company and dealerships through car buyer transactions

Spin (Ford Motors)  -  Principal UX Designer

December 2019 - March 2020  /  Contract  /  San Francisco, CA

  • Research how 60 cities manage and deploy scooters and increase profits
  • Redesign mobile and desktop tools for internal fleet ops teams
  • Increase vehicle deployment accuracy and fleet utilization

Caterpillar - Principal UX Leader

July 2018 - November 2019  /  Remote

  • Responsible for taking ideas from briefs to wireframes and clickable prototypes for field research
  • Lead global daily meetings with attending leadership, business, product, and engineering teams
  • Created reports for my on-site, qualitative research to better show productivity and production insights

Toptal  -  User Experience Consulting

July 2018 - Current   /  Remote

  • Chosen as one of the top 3% of UX design talent for their most valuable clients
  • Leading innovative new product development and strategy for product teams
  • Validating product ideas and discovering new opportunities through user testing

Tenfold  -  VP of User Experience

February 2017 - June 2018  /  San Francisco, CA

  • Collaborated with CEO to define new products and processes
  • Built UX team and defined development process for product redesign
  • Improved user workflow by reducing 200 - 220 seconds and 5.5 clicks per call

Tubular Labs  -  Director of User Experience

May 2016 - January 2017  /  Mountain View, CA

  • Created new leaderboards and lead generation strategy based on user behavior
  • Defined UX process, RFP templates, and created a valuable “customer room” of insights
  • Created flow charts, wireframes, prototypes, pattern library, and visual design concepts
  • Validated theories on how to build the next evolution of product

Xtime  -  Director of User Experience

July 2012 - June 2015  /  Redwood Shores, CA

  • Segmented product and improved workflow with more intuitive UI
  • Product segmentation allowed new monetization strategy
  • Reduced book-time, boosted efficiency, and improved ROI
  • Increased dealership pricing accuracy from 70% to 99%
  • Reduced number of customer created support tickets by more than 50%

Analyte Health  -  Director of User Experience

July 2011 - July 2012  /  San Francisco, CA

  • Built and managed team of five UX professionals to evolve product
  • Presented how distraught patients seek and choose medical services
  • Demonstrated body language reading expertise during user-testing sessions
  • Reduced anxiety levels of patients before, during, and after medical lab results
  • Boosted web conversions by 30%, phone by 15%, and return patients to 70%



  • Standups & Weekly 1:1’s
  • Patience & Guidance
  • Sincere Enthusiasm & Clear Creative Direction
  • Reward for Experimenting & Collaborating

User Experience Design

  • Optimizely, Track, Google Optimize (A/B and Multivariate Testing)
  • D3, Highcharts, Tableau
  • Custom chart and diagram designs
  • Converting executive goals into product insights

Data Science & Visualization

  • Analytics
  • Test Plans & Surveys
  • Flow Charts & Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Visual Design

Software Stacks


  • MixPanel & Amplitude
  • Test Plans & Surveys
  • Typeform & Qualtrics
  • Lookback & Zoom


  • Lucid Charts & Axure
  • Sketch + Craft + InVision
  • InVision Studio & Hype3
  • Figma, Marvel, Webflow
  • Adobe Products

Product Management

  • Asana & Trello
  • Confluence and JIRA
  • Harvest & Outplanr
  • 15Five
  • PRD’s


If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up. I’m available for consulting, advisory boards, and partnership opportunities.

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