A San Francisco product design leader who innovates through all stages of the customer journey.

“'I'm a UX gun for hire who can boost sales, improve NPS scores, build addictive products, and make your competitors jealous. Companies bring me on as a hands-on design leader who creates elegant, intuitive, and engaging experiences by applying insights gained from users.” - James Tucker

Creating a product that users love is freakin’ hard. If it was easy then all the mobile apps you downloaded on your phone would be used all the time. You’ve heard the stats about how the top apps get all the traffic and how behavioral science techniques are employed to boost dopamine to create addictive apps.

It’s true with television, sports and even architecture. It’s a battle for more than eyeballs, it’s a battle for loyalty. My success metrics are measured by retention, adoption, and engagement but most of all – love. If the users don't love the product then I take it personally and make sure they will love it through scientific research and creative explorations.

Orchestrating the entire process to generate the desired results is an undeniable art form. Understanding the audience is a fundamental step and it’s done through diligent and thoughtful understanding of the end users. I make sure members of my team can “feel the pain” of the end users so they can design world-class experiences that will make amazing products.

  • 15+ years experience designing for a broad set of UI platforms including web, desktop, and mobile
  • Experienced working in enterprise and consumer product environments
  • Experienced driving design process from planning to shipping, serving millions of users
  • Experience working in a business with diverse service offerings across multiple industries and personas
  • 20+ years experience in UXD, visual design, and user research
  • 15+ years experience UX teams of 5 - 10 people
  • Experience managing multi-layer teams, covering multiple discipline of design
  • Ability to distill complex processes into simple, clear, user interactions


If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up. I’m available for consulting, advisory boards, and partnership opportunities.

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