This Silicon Valley startup allows travelers to purchase their vacations and trips via monthly payments that rivals credit card rates. Uplift had a lot of travel website partners where they integrated the "widget" into their flow but they needed to make it simpler and offer upsell opportunities without discouraging the final purchase. Customers who checked out with the current product would complain that they did not know they could add more amenities to their vacation until after they checked out and by that time it was too late to add it to the monthly payment plan.


Design a UI that feels compact, easy, and inviting to users without feeling sold.


Through user testing of a few prototypes, I was able to find out the users did not like to have it hidden this was a 3rd party service. If they found out on their own, then they felt uneasy. So I created a "powered by Uplift" badge on the widget so people can explore this quickly and not drop confidence or excitement of travel.