• The company did not have a design team
  • The UI design pattern was created two years ago and needed updating
  • New users had a hard time understanding how the product works for their needs
  • Power users did not have enough features so they imported Tubular data into more powerful tools
  • There was no process to get a validated feature added to the backlog through to launch
  • New customers saw the demo and then could not generate the same results


  • Update the design pattern with new features to unblock the developers
  • Collaborate with the VP of Product and manage a new UX designer
  • Concurrently work on the redesign of the product
  • Integrate WalkMe tour solution into the product
  • Define the UX process and shape the new product feature requirements
  • Create flow charts, wireframes, prototypes, and visual design concepts


  • Discovered why power users were exporting the data and what they needed for the redesign
  • Shipped new features with regular cadence on the current platform
  • Made it easier for new users to understand the platform
  • Designed new product without a large redesign effort
  • Developed a marketing and sales strategy from website to product
  • Defined the UX process and shaped the product feature requirements
  • Discovered new business opportunities through UX research
  • Validated theories on how to build the next evolution of product

Tasks Required to Accomplish Goals

  • Field research
  • Prototyping
  • Test plans
  • Management
  • UI Design