• Caterpillar has an innovation team but not enough UX designers
  • The Caterpillar machines are connected devices but the data is difficult to find
  • The data is a firehose that makes it difficult to find issues at job sites
  • Quarry owners and managers had to use a desktop tool to get data
  • They needed the data on their mobile device


  • Observe the owners, managers, and foremen at the quarries
  • Interview the core personas
  • Define UX strategy
  • Create three rounds of prototypes
  • Write test plans
  • Validate what all personas need at the job site
  • Discover what data and correlations are needed at various times of the day


The goal was to make sure the mobile app can quickly answer the question: "How is my job site?"

  • Quarry owners showed high interest in the mobile solution
  • Validated there was product market fit
  • Discovered the quarry owners need a way to share status updates of job site

Tasks Required to Achieve Goals

  • Defined user personas
  • UX leadership
  • Field research
  • Site maps
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Test plans and UX strategy
  • User testing
  • Reports
  • UI design